Ata Kando, Photographer
Curriculum Vitae

1913 Ata is born in Budapest on September 17.
1932 She leaves for Paris with her husband Gyula Kandó.
1936-1939 Photographic training as apprentice for the photographer Klara Wachter, assistant for Ferenc Haar, and final examination with Professor Joszef Pecsi.
1938 Returns to Paris, and starts a photo studio with Ferenc’s spouse.
1940 Forced to return to Budapest by the German occupation of France.
1947 Leaves for Paris with her husband and son Tom, where she works as editor and lab worker at Magnum’s. Her twin daughters follow later.
1949 Gyula Kandó returns to Hungary and becomes trapped behind the Iron Curtain
1950 Meets Ed van der Elsken.
1953 Divorces Gyula Kandó and marries Ed van der Elsken. Pictures at the book 'Ambassade des Pays-Bas a Paris' under the name Ata van der Elsken.
1954 Divorce from Ed van der Elsken. Travels to Austria and Switzerland, which later results in the publication of 'Dream in the Forest'.
1956 Takes second long trip, which results in the book 'Calypso and Nausicäa'.
1956 Book about Hungarian refugges comes out in collaboration with Violette Cornelius .
1957 Publication of 'Droom in het woud' (Dream in the Forest), a photographic fantasy with her children as actors. Text by her 14 year old son Tom Kando.
1958 Publication of the book 'Fire by the Sea' about the steel mills, with four other photographers.
1959 – 1975 Teaching at the MTS Graphic Institute in Utrecht.
1961 Travel through the Amazon Territory.
1963 The pictures from the Amazon Territory appear with accompanying text in The Geographical Magazine. Also published in the publication 'Slave or Dead'.
1965 Second trip to the Amazon Territory and later on she made her ‘'Whale Hunting Trip’ where she lost most of her hearing from cannon blast of the whale killing weapon.
1968 New publications of photos with her own text in the Geographical Magazine.
1970 In Budapest, a book is published with an account and photos of her trips through South America, titled 'A hold véréböl', (Children of the Moon). In the Netherlands, a small book is published with her photos of Brazilian Indians,'Slaaf of Dood', (Slave or Dead). This book also appears in English.
1970 – 1975 Teaching at the Art Academy in Enschede.
1976 Fell down and suffered a concussion.
1979 Moved to Sacramento, California.
1999 Moved to the Isle of Wight, Britain.
2001 Moved to Bergen, The Netherlands.
2004 Publication of 'Calypso & Nausikaä', together with an exhibiition in Museum Foam Amsterdam.
2005 Publication of 'Ata Kandó Stories' with a selection of pictures from 'Dream in the Forest'' and 'Calypso & Nausikaä'.
2006 Republication of the book about Hungarian Refugees.
2008 Publication of 'The Living Other' in collaboration with Diana Blok and Sacha de Boer.
2010 publication of 'Ata Kandó, Photographer' a large retrospective with many previously unpublished pictures.
2010 Launches her new WebSite,

mother in hungarian village
The parents of Ata in the Hungarian village Sczigliget, near the Balaton Lake. 1964
Gyula Kandó, painter and first husband