Ata Kando, Photographer
Curriculum Vitae
Exhibitions: (a summary)
1955 : Group exhibition at urban museum (Amsterdam) with the GKF photographers.
1959 : Munich Award, Silver medal for `Best Fashion Picture’
1962 : Caracas, Ethnographic Museum. Exhibition , together with Barbara Brandli, after the first jungle trip, this time to the Yekuana Indians ( called 'Makiritare' by white people)
1970 and following years: traveling exhibition with two linguistic shows, ‘Slaaf of Dood' (‘Slave or Dead’), with catalog. Exhibitions in 65 cities worldwide, from Hungary to the US, and including ICA London (Institute of Contemporary Art).
1981 : Sacramento, California: Fashion photo exhibition at Weinstock Gallery.
1990 : Breda, De Beyerd 'My life in Photography' (with postcards and poster)
1991: Budapest, Royal Palace, with ‘Fenykepeim’ (Ata Kando’s pictures), with catalog. Opening by
Arpad Goncz, President of the Hungarian Republic. Same exhibition as at Breda’s The Beyerd’s, which traveled to Budapest.
Since 2000: taken part and solo exhibitions at Foam (Fotomuseum Amsterdam), Hup gallery (Gallery Kahmann), Amsterdam, Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam,The Hague, Naarden, and Noorderlicht, Leeuwarden).
2004: Exhibition Calypso and Nausicaa with catalog, at Foam photo museum, Amsterdam.
2006: Exhibition 'The Living Other' with catalog, at Foam photo museum, Amsterdam.
2006: 50th anniversary of 1956 Hungarian revolution, with pictures by Ata Kando, published in books. Traveling exhibition went, among others, to Budapest, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Massachusetts, San Francisco and Washington. For this work, Ata is knighted by the President of Hungary, and also invited by the Netherlands’ Prince Willem Alexander and Princes Maxima.
In 1996, Ata Kando received the most important Award of her life, at the Embassy of Israel in London. Not for photography, but - together with her 1st husband Gyula Kando - for their work in the resistance against the Nazis in Hungary from 1940 to 1945.
Magazines: (a summary)
1957: ‘Vrij Nederland’ - `Ata Kando paints with Light'. (Bibeb), Netherlands.
1959: `Photography' - Women in Photography. United Kingdom.
1962: `Sunday Times,' United Kingdom and `Connaissance du Monde,' France. - First trip to the South American rain forest and to the Indians
1963: `Geographic Magazine,' United Kingdom, First trip to the South American rain forest and to the Indians
1968: `Geographic l Magazine' United Kingdom, Second trip to the South American rain forest and to the Indians
1962: 'Caractere et Culture de l'Europe,’ Belgium.
After 1964, communication with Hungary became easier. Many magazines there published Ata’s work, Including 'Foto' and 'Elet & Tudomany' (= 'Life and Science')
1970: Time Out, United Kingdom, Cover and article with pictures from 'Slave or Dead' and from the ICA Exhibition in the United Kingdom
1998: Eldorado, California (US). Cover with Yekuana Indians.
2004: 'Bulletin of the Rembrandt Association, Netherlands: 'Dream in the Forest.'
2006: ‘Month of photography’ (Germany)
2008: ‘Professional photography’ (Netherlands)
2008: ‘Camera Austria’ Austria: Peruvian whale Factory.
2008: ‘Hungaricum,’ Hungary: Miscellaneous work
La Sarbacana
1936 La Sarbacana, dance Barcelona, Spain
1939, Germans in the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
1977, Serie Surinamers, Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Girls on the beach
1985, Children on the beach, Boston